How to Gain 40 Pounds of Muscle – 4 Tips on How to Gain Quality Muscle Fast (Proven to Work)

May 31, 2020 0 By king.97

Are you looking for the quickest ways on how to gain 40 pounds of muscle? Solid quality muscle can be easier to gain, even for the hard gainer, if you have the correct knowledge of what to do. In this article we will cover 4 tips to help you achieve your goal of the best way to gain weight muscle wise. Where to Buy Testogen at GNC

~ How To Gain 40 Pounds Of Muscle Tip # 1:

– Eating for growth – You must seriously aim to eat 5- 7 times per day consistently with your diet to gain muscle. Meals with have a balance of proteins, carbs and fats and aim to eat 14 – 16 times your body weight. The weight gain foods percentages are roughly around 40% of carb intake, 40% protein and the remaining 20% of fats. As a rough guide and for the convenience factor at least half of the meals should be whole food meals and the rest can be liquid replacement meal shakes. This is to gain healthy weight of muscle and not excess fat.

~ How To Gain 40 Pounds Of Muscle Tip # 2:

– Weights/machines for muscular growth – Resistance training puts stress on your muscles in order for them to grow bigger. After your workouts let the recuperation and food do the work for you for a fast gain. A 4 day routine works well as long as you allow 72 hours between body parts. Doing 2 lower body routines and 2 upper body routines per week is ideal for fast muscle growth.

~ How To Gain 40 Pounds Of Muscle Tip # 3:

– Stretching – This is totally overlooked and underestimated so don’t make that mistake. Stretching will help restore the normal length to your muscle tissue which shortens through your workouts. Plus without stretching you’ll start to get injuries and slow your progress right down A good rule of thumb is that if you train with weights for 4 hours per week you should stretch for an additional 2 hours. Please make time for this and you’ll see amazing results.

~ How To Gain 40 Pounds Of Muscle Tip # 4:

– Supplements – There are certain supplements you should not go without as they will give your body the nutritional requirements needed for strength, muscle mass your health and body composition. They are a top quality multi vitamin, creatine, protein shakes and some fish oil capsules. All of these play an important role in your quest in how to gain muscle fast.